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[FR] Elvis, Lara Croft and self-confidence

For today- one FR, it's just at the beginning of this blog. I would like to tell you that there are no “sublimed” techniques – it's based on mixture of ”confidence&no-needy”.

Club party, Elvis is traditionally on the dance floor. The party is getting started, but on the dance floor there are few interesting targets. I do not pay attention to them, I am just having fun. (Be the centre of the party – do not look around in the club too much. The party is where you are. You don't need to look for it in other places.) A short digression: Do you remember the game “Tomb Rider”? Honestly, I was not a fan of computer games but precisely I remember Tomb Rider – I passed few levels of this game. I know that later on there were more versions of it, but I have not played them – probably the main character was still the same. I am not swing with games – please forgive me that. Probably, the last game I played, was “Malysz” (popular Polish game about ski-jumping). It was about five years ago.
OK, but not about games I would like to write. Let's come back to the club. I associated the girl from the game with HB that have just came up to me – Indeed, she was 'equipped' a little bit weaker – but she looked good with brief shorts as well. Lara started with dance, of course with me (we were all the time on the dance floor). She said to me: 'Don't you remember me?'. After a while I associated that we had met before – but then I was completely not interested with her – she was too young. I have strong rules – I seduce only girls with age of consent. No sweet/hot sixteens – it's not for me. We danced for a while, then we had a short conversation - I did not use any PUA techniques. One thing I based on, was not to show interest towards her but self-confidence. To my way of thinking, she ought to do her best, not me, if she had initiated this.

When we left the dance floor, Lara introduced me with her two friends. Nice guys, but typical excusers. And Lara knew exactly how to play up with it. To be honest, I was surprised with her skills. It is worth to mention that Lara is eighteen-years-old – but the way she behaves indicates that she is mentally few years older (it is partly because her occupation - modelling, and she had few successes in it – it gives girls higher self-esteem).

She sent one excuser to bring a drink for her (and a juice for me), the second one was holding her handbag. When the first one came back with drinks – the situation looked so funny – as if she had two “chaperones” - one with a handbag and one with drinks. There was no need to use any AMOG-destoyers. Remember that saying metaphorically – “don't kick someone who is lying down”. The boys had a low self-esteem. I knew that if I did anything to get lower their esteem near Lara, I would have lost on it.

And it was going to be more interesting then. We were standing in 4-set (me, Lara and two friends), when one guy came up to us. He is quite bold, I thought. He came up to a group of people, with the majority of men and he did not care of it. He started to talk with our HB (I would like to notice that a large part of guys knowing PUA art, do not open mixed sets - especially with the majority of guys).

The first impression – perhaps, he is one of natural, we will play in NTN. The second impression (although supposedly the first one is the best one) – we will manage it in a different way. Even thought, Lara was interested with a new guy to have a conversation, I instinctively felt that he is not a good player (Even, I cannot describe you why – I think that subconsciously I read it from his BL – he wanted to hide it, but to my way of thinking he looked needy). I decided not to compete with him about her – in my head was one thought: I am the best option she can find today. I know it, so she will scent it as well. Simple assumption, but it works. I said to my target that I am leaving her with a good company and do not be bored. I am going to dance. Astonishment at her face...

Not more than 10 minutes passed and near me appeared... Lara. Yes, this time my PUA-intuition did not mislead me at all. She wants me. She is making sweet face. She is clinging close to me on dance and she whispers nice words to my ear. Loud music, so I didn't hear everything. But I inferred from it, that our natural, in fact, was not natural – he was needy. He was trying did his best to find report with her (she was making fun of him telling me what he was saying – how he wanted to seduce her). Lara seduces me on the dance floor, she initiates KINO herself. And natural is looking at distance with hankering. Some of you surely know this feeling – in one way satisfaction – but on the other way pity.

After few songs I told my HB that we change club. All the time leading and hand-holding (one hint: do not forget about HH – it seemed that it is just a tactful, “innocent” form of KINO. But it is very helpful. It is a very important form of building comfort, it is useful with leading, it gives social proof, etc.)

In the second club we danced not so much. We talked more. I told her few stories, she told me few stories (story-exchange – also very important in building comfort – the similar share PUA and HB in the conversation). The girl has something, which draws guys attention – attracts guys. And again someone wanted to pick her up. This guy used another technique – something in PUA style – firstly he talked to me, then he wanted to start a conversation with Lara – but she was totally not interested in this guy.

I put her emotions a little bit higher (improvisation) and I took a candy – I told my HB that I am going to home. She asked if she could go with me. I was joking with her, but kindly I accepted. Throughout the way there were KINO. Although, I lead her and I didn't have a space, she took the initiative – it was a long time that someone was grateful for me for a few gulps of mineral water (maybe because it was strawberry-flavoured ;)).

You can say – almost none of PUA techniques, nothing discovery – so there is lack of “educational advantage” of that FR. But all that routines and skilled stories are not important. The most important thing is self-confidence and non-needy attitude – and all about that I would like to remind - me and You.
Translated by plustik
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

[ART] How do NOT kiss girl, 3 common's mistakes on KC

'So what can I do to get KC on next meeting?' - that question is repeating in many FR, e-mails, PM, etc. I decided to write about that topic some articles. firstly I have 3 important tips, precisely - discussion about mistakes that I met on most in questions asked on forum or PM.

1. Basic fault, that do most of men - want to end their meeting with girls by a kc. Fault, fault FAULT! Kiss-close should be during the meeting, not only at the ending. Most of men wait until the end of date to kiss a girl. [a small digression: OK, I have already said that I do not like that word, but how many times you can repeat the "meeting" - so "date" is here only as a substitute for the language user's recall, gentlemen, today's women are unlikely to use the term "dating", many of them reacts on it like on allergy. End of digression :) ] It looks like in some desperation act in the last moment you try to kiss her. You've watched too much American films, where first kiss follows in the las minute of the meeting. Girl, you meet with watched that films too, nay - she knows that from her own experience - not once and not twice she met guys, who wanna only sleep with her(that's the way of AFC behavior, who have no idea about pua) or even provoke her, negating her, but have not strong enough inner game, to get closer to her and get a kc, although they sent signals indicating that they want it.(that's the way of AFC, who read a little about PUA and think they already are PUA :) ) And that girl, if she is interested in you, during meeting thinks "will he dare or not dare?". You escort her home, sayin' goodbye to her and she already knows "yes, now you'll probably want to kiss me... standard...boooooring. What the hell am I doing here with this guy??" OK, maybe I exaggerate a bit, it's not 100% rule, cos' I met women with a very "traditional" attitude on this matter (formed probably by these American films), who expect kiss just now, at the end, cos it seems to be so "romantic". But: don't forget, most women likes unpredictability- exactly this is romantic to them. If you kiss her until date ends, you'll be as everyone else. If you detect right moment and do it earlier, just at that moment, when she want it the most, you'll be in her eyes much more impressive.

2. Next mistake: guy goes to the date with inner game: "I need to have KC today! - I need to have everything refined, that made it happen" And again: Fault, fault, FAULT! Did you know, when the best KC works, often even initiated by a girl? Then, when you DON'T think about it, when you're not focused on KC. Instead of creating, how to kiss her, focus on good entertainment and interesting conversation, let yourself be carried away by emotions and fun. Only in that situation you'll get natural, spontaneous kiss-close, that is so, what women wants.

3: Don't focus on time, focus on emotions - "time is a relative term", as said a professor of physics with a very specific haircut :D when you get KC- it's irrelevant, important thing is THIS moment, where she and you want it. I make sometimes KC tens seconds after meeting a woman.(Fast direct, which need a very strong frame and a sense of the situation, acquired through experience, I would not recommend a beginner PUA - "do not try this at home" ;) ), sometimes until third meeting(long enough tension built, the state of expectations, push&pull, which makes it an emotional roller coaster) - it all depends on your situation.
Article translated by: Suercer
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Elvis: Polish Pick Up Artist

Welcome to my blog. Beautiful women are my passion. I adore to meet them, to talk with them, to seduce them and to provide them positive emotions and delight. They call me Elvis. The same as the king of rock'n'roll, I'm an artist. An artist of the pick-up. Because seducing is the most beautiful art. Here you will acquaint with my work. I am inviting you to my recital.

This new blog is international version (in English) of my original blog in Polish:

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